A partnership that can be trusted to deliver!

We know that successful marketing is about repeatedly putting your business message in front of as many people as possible – we call it the drip-feeding effect!

This is why we partner with the country’s most trusted delivery experts – Royal Mail – to make sure that your message gets delivered to every local household and business.

  • Royal Mail is the only door drop provider to be accredited by ABC, the media
    industry’s official stamp of trust. This accreditation means that Royal Mail deliver numbers are fully verified by ABC and assures you that Local-Eyes is getting delivered to the letterboxes that we say they are.
  • Our contract with Royal Mail means that our publications are treated the same as all other post. This assures us (and you) that Local-eyes will be delivered on time, with the daily post, across the exact areas specified.
  • Householders build a relationship with their friendly local postie, and this in turn leads to them trusting the mail and what they receive from their postie more than anything else that is posted through their letterbox. We all know how important trust is in business.
  • According to statistics, 73% of people open, read or keep delivered door drop items that have been delivered by Royal Mail, and many share with other members of the family or visitors.

By partnering with Royal Mail, Local-Eyes offers you an affordable way to get your message into the heart of people’s homes, bring in new customers and boost awareness for your business.

If you’re interested in having your business message delivered by Royal Mail every month, get in touch!

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