Green Policy

We use a lot of paper to produce our books, that goes without saying. For that reason it is important to us how our books are produced and the impact we, as a company, have on the environment.

Book Production

We work closely with our printer who purchases all of their paper from renewable sources.

This is an important aspect of our business and we whole heartedly support the use of renewable resources wherever possible. This is an important factor when we choose the people we work with.

Sustainable Transport

As a company we also support the use of sustainable transport and while we recognise that this is not always possible we do encourage our staff to take part in the cycle to work scheme.

The Government’s Cycle to Work initiative enables you to help your employees make savings of up to 42% on a brand new bike and safety accessories for cycling to work.

Benefits to employees

  • Savings of up to 42% on a new bike and accessories*
  • Regular exercise to keep fit and healthy
  • Reduces commuting costs
  • Helps beat congestion
  • Helps minimise carbon footprint